‘The Birth of a Perished Vision’ – Zack Snyder’s Justice League

What a wild and unpredictable time we live in. No two days are the same. Never for one minute consider classifying anything as “normal”. Such a term doesn’t even really exist anymore. Modern society is fluid, ever changing and untethered by the rules of yesterday. We live in an age of uncertainty, one in whichContinue reading “‘The Birth of a Perished Vision’ – Zack Snyder’s Justice League”

Body Swap Terrors – Wonder Woman 84

Set 66 years after its predecessor, Wonder Woman 84 sees Diana Prince (Gal Gaddot) living a secluded life as a senior anthropologist in 1980s Washington DC. The film begins when Diana befriends an insecure woman named Barbara Ann Minerva (Kirstin Wiig), who has been asked to identify a collection of artifacts acquired from a robbery.Continue reading “Body Swap Terrors – Wonder Woman 84”