‘Murder She Wrote, in Space’ – Loki 1.2 The Variant

The second chapter in Loki’s debut series takes a slightly different shape from its predecessor. Whereas Glorious Purpose was more interested in attempting to define Loki’s (Tom Hiddleston) internal logic and purpose within the MCU, The Variant functions more as an intergalactic detective story. During the final moments of episode one, Loki learned of anotherContinue reading “‘Murder She Wrote, in Space’ – Loki 1.2 The Variant”

‘Cosmic Counselling’ – Loki 1.1 Glorious Purpose

Reviewing Loki three months after its initial release poses something of a minor problem. This is due to the fact that the overall experience of the series shifts dramatically once you’ve seen all six parts. Watching each episode weekly feels like a jigsaw puzzle gradually falling into place. Having the complete collection of said partsContinue reading “‘Cosmic Counselling’ – Loki 1.1 Glorious Purpose”