“Tea Break in Oblivion”

A swish of steam whistles from the kettle’s nifty little snout. Its melodic hiss echoes through the confined, clinical staffroom it finds itself in. A bite-sized inferno of frenzied energy, fleeing its chamber, sending slithers of condensation crawling up the cold vinyl and lifeless tiling. I pour the simmering water into four cups. Aromas ofContinue reading ““Tea Break in Oblivion””

“Mayflies in Nirvana”

“Becky Blaine?” She trembles as she speaks, barely audible over the drunken yells and thunderous music. The party is chaotic. It always is, every night I visit it. Not to worry, we’ll get away from here soon enough. I can see her nerves tangle and twist in the depths of her tummy. Her mind fightingContinue reading ““Mayflies in Nirvana””