‘Halperbetti Spaghetti’ – Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

A Kaleidoscope of Realities Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) feels like the forerunner to a film that’s already been released. The Covid 19 pandemic forced studios across the globe to rethink their production plans for the foreseeable future. Marvel Studios was no exception to this rule, forcing a majority of its productionsContinue reading “‘Halperbetti Spaghetti’ – Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”

‘Grant Vs. Spector’ – Moon Knight 1.2: Summon the Suit

The Audacious Scaredy-Cat Following on from his supernatural antics in the National Gallery’s bathroom (not as weird as it sounds), Steven Grant embarks upon a quest to figure out what on earth his alter ego, Marc Spector, has been getting upto with his body out of hours. While The Goal Fish Problem centred around aContinue reading “‘Grant Vs. Spector’ – Moon Knight 1.2: Summon the Suit”

‘Midnight Man’ – Moon Knight 1.1: The Goal Fish Problem

Vacating from the Norm Perhaps the most striking aspect about Moon Knight’s opening episode is how willing it is to ignore the wider franchise it belongs to. Despite there being 27 films and five Disney Plus shows making up this body of work, I can’t recall Kevin Feige doing something as alien as this. EvenContinue reading “‘Midnight Man’ – Moon Knight 1.1: The Goal Fish Problem”

Oblivious Talks Episode 2 – Ghostbusters: Afterlife and The Batman

On this episode of Oblivious Talks, Amber dishes out her thoughts on the latest Jason Reitman movie, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, as well as Matt Reeve’s The Batman.

‘A Truth in Plain Sight’ – Falcon and the Winter Soldier 1.2: The Star-Spangled Man

State Imposter Perhaps the most intriguing edition to The Star-Spangled Man regards the underlying tensions generated by the introduction of John Walker as the “new” Captain America. When we are first introduced to the character of Walker at the top of this episode, we’re offered something of a sympathetic reading toward him. At least thisContinue reading “‘A Truth in Plain Sight’ – Falcon and the Winter Soldier 1.2: The Star-Spangled Man”

Oblivious Talks Episode 1 – Spider-Man: No Way Home and the Marvel Umbrella

I’m thrilled to reveal my first ever episode in an exciting new audio series, Oblivious Talks. In this series, I will be talking about a variety of things, from conversations about the writing process, to informal musings over various pop-culture topics that take my fancy. The intention of this podcast series is to further developContinue reading “Oblivious Talks Episode 1 – Spider-Man: No Way Home and the Marvel Umbrella”

‘Dancing with Deities’ – Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings

Widening the World of the MCU Marvel Studios has been playing a spot of catchup in recent years. After a decade of films piloted primarily by white men, the demand for more diversity within the planet’s most popular franchise found itself at breaking point. 2018 saw the release of Black Panther, a film that addressedContinue reading “‘Dancing with Deities’ – Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings”

‘An Unlikely Origin’ – Spider-Man: No Way Home

A Spoiler Free Review Whether or not you’ve heard all the speculation flying around this particular feature, I urge you to throw everything you’ve heard in the bin and enter this movie with a clean slate. There’s plenty of surprises in here, and not necessarily from the sorts of places you may expect. Despite allContinue reading “‘An Unlikely Origin’ – Spider-Man: No Way Home”

‘This’ll be the Day that I Die’ – Black Widow

Black Widow is a reasonably well-made movie that juggles a handful of weighty issues in a way that doesn’t feel condescending or heavy-handed. It’s also a standalone feature for a character that should have had her own movie a long time ago . Set mostly in 2016, prior to the events of Avengers: Infinity WarContinue reading “‘This’ll be the Day that I Die’ – Black Widow”

‘Cosmic Counselling’ – Loki 1.1 Glorious Purpose

Reviewing Loki three months after its initial release poses something of a minor problem. This is due to the fact that the overall experience of the series shifts dramatically once you’ve seen all six parts. Watching each episode weekly feels like a jigsaw puzzle gradually falling into place. Having the complete collection of said partsContinue reading “‘Cosmic Counselling’ – Loki 1.1 Glorious Purpose”