Franchise Extinction – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

2015 saw one of Steven Speilberg’s most beloved blockbuster franchises return from the dead in a fashion many didn’t predict. After numerous failed attempts to keep the franchise going, the start of the 21st Century saw the Jurassic Park series take a temporary hiatus while Universal Studios tried to figure out how on earth toContinue reading “Franchise Extinction – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”

Comic Book Criticism – The Incredibles 2

Pixar have a accumulated a relatively solid back catalogue over the years. Nevertheless, they’ve had their setbacks; not to mention a couple iffy sequels which aren’t exactly what one may call belters. Whereas features such as Toy Story 2 (1999) were fabulous, follow ups such as Cars 2 (2011) were about as fun as sniffingContinue reading “Comic Book Criticism – The Incredibles 2”

An unlikely Protagonist – Avengers: Infinity War

After ten years and 19 films, the Marvel Cinematic Universe in its current form finally approaches its end point. That’s not to say it’s finishing for good of course. No one’s going to shut shop if the money’s coming in. Much like that other Disney property, Star Wars, we’ll be getting these films from nowContinue reading “An unlikely Protagonist – Avengers: Infinity War”

‘Generational Conflicts’ – Doctor Who 10.13: Twice Upon a Time

As exciting as all that first Doctor hullabaloo sounded upon its initial announcement, there was indeed an aura of apprehension in the air prior to Twice Upon a Time’s release. Firstly, there was the larger context of the Capaldi era to consider. Whereas the twelfth Doctor’s run has been far from awful, it’s occasionally sufferedContinue reading “‘Generational Conflicts’ – Doctor Who 10.13: Twice Upon a Time”

Wizards in Manhattan – Doctor Strange

The long awaited Doctor Strange (2016) was greeted by an overwhelming $86 million overseas during its opening weekend alone; making this yet another sure fire success for the suits over at Walt Disney Studios.  Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is an egotistical neurosurgeon who also happens to be extraordinarily brilliant at his profession. Strange’sContinue reading “Wizards in Manhattan – Doctor Strange”

From the Ashes of Asgard – Thor: Ragnarok

With the exception to The Incredible Hulk (2008) the Thor movies had often been considered to be something of the MCU’s weaker link. Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 opening chapter was relatively serviceable, largely because its Shakespearean flair played into the source material’s more whimsical side. 2013’s Thor: the Dark World, however, fell flat on its backside.Continue reading “From the Ashes of Asgard – Thor: Ragnarok”

Beautiful Nightmares – Blade Runner 2049

Ridley Scott’s original Blade Runner (1982) got off to a wobbly start during its initial release. Studio interference resulted in a film suffering from a tonally inconsistent ending and some ghastly voice-over exposition. Critically and financially, it suffered. After seven (yes, seven!) revised editions, however, the film gained a cult following. By the time 2007’sContinue reading “Beautiful Nightmares – Blade Runner 2049”

‘Hollow Linguistics’ – Doctor Who 10.2: Smile

Frank Cottrell-Boyce previous attempt at writing for this show was 2014’s In The Forest of the Night. To call that episode a misfire is perhaps the friendliest way to describe it. The lyrical dialogue and jittery tempo may have worked under different circumstances, unfortunately In the Forest of the Night fell on the wrong sideContinue reading “‘Hollow Linguistics’ – Doctor Who 10.2: Smile”

Logan: Why Some Superhero Movies Should Embrace the F**k out of R-Ratings

After the success of Deadpool (2016), making an R-rated superhero movie within a pre-existing heavyweight franchise no longer seemed like such a chancy move for studios. Adult-rated superhero movies had been done before of course – Watchmen, Dredd, Kick-Ass and Blade to name a few – but never had one within such financially successful series been attempted in modern times. BeingContinue reading “Logan: Why Some Superhero Movies Should Embrace the F**k out of R-Ratings”