‘Business as Usual’ – WandaVision 1.1 Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience

Marvel Studios’ Disney+ debut set a high bar for itself to top right from the get go. After 23 films meticulously establishing a tone seldom deviated from, opting to create a show willing to break entirely from its status quo was never going to be a straightforward task. How do you take two characters –Continue reading “‘Business as Usual’ – WandaVision 1.1 Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience”

‘Something New, Something Bold’ – Doctor Who 11.3: Rosa

I’m not normally a fan of Doctor Who episodes set in the past. Not because I find history boring, I just often don’t think they’re done very well. The show’s had a bit of a habit romanticising past eras to the point in which they become a tad superficial and distorted. I get that DoctorContinue reading “‘Something New, Something Bold’ – Doctor Who 11.3: Rosa”

‘Fictional Vistas’ – Doctor Who 11.2 The Ghost Monument

The first thing to mention about this episode is how utterly bloody gorgeous it looks. Opting to shoot this one in South Africa was a fab decision, not just for the sheer aesthetic polish it provides to the story, but because of how much bigger it makes the show feel. We’re definitely not in CardiffContinue reading “‘Fictional Vistas’ – Doctor Who 11.2 The Ghost Monument”

‘Welcome to the Revolution’ – Doctor Who 11.1 The Woman who Fell to Earth

The Woman who Fell to Earth is an interesting beast; one I am still attempting to process in my head. Most notably, the shift in pace compared to more recent years is utterly staggering. We talked a lot about the show slowing down during the 2017 run of episodes. If series 10 was a caseContinue reading “‘Welcome to the Revolution’ – Doctor Who 11.1 The Woman who Fell to Earth”

‘Digital Fictions’ – Doctor Who 10.6: Extremis

In the Vatican’s secret library of blasphemy lies an ancient book known as The Veritas. Whenever anyone throughout history has read this book, they’ve taken their life immediately. When a new translation leaks online, the human race finds itself in great danger. The Doctor decides to read this text in a bid to uncover theContinue reading “‘Digital Fictions’ – Doctor Who 10.6: Extremis”

‘Until my Dying Breath’ – Doctor Who 10.5 Oxygen

While it isn’t exactly going to blow minds or gobble up awards, Oxygen functions as a fairly competent instalment to series ten, operating as a nice little standalone piece before the arc-heavy chaos of next week comes about. Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie) it’s time for her, the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and Nardole (Matt Lucas) toContinue reading “‘Until my Dying Breath’ – Doctor Who 10.5 Oxygen”

‘Bunking with Beasts’ – Doctor Who 10.4: Knock Knock

Bill and her University friends are trying to rent a house. Whereas most places are either too small or too expensive, one fits their criteria down to a tee. It costs next to nothing and is exceptionally spacious. The catch? Their landlord’s creepy, insect-like creatures live inside the walls and something strange lurks within theContinue reading “‘Bunking with Beasts’ – Doctor Who 10.4: Knock Knock”

‘Beneath the Surface’ Doctor Who 10.3: Thin Ice

The Doctor and Bill visit the last ever Thames Frost Fair in Regency era England. When they both take it upon themselves to investigate a series of disappearances upon the ice, Bill quickly discovers the past isn’t so much different from the present, or that monsters don’t always come from outer space. Last time SarahContinue reading “‘Beneath the Surface’ Doctor Who 10.3: Thin Ice”

‘Hollow Linguistics’ – Doctor Who 10.2: Smile

Frank Cottrell-Boyce previous attempt at writing for this show was 2014’s In The Forest of the Night. To call that episode a misfire is perhaps the friendliest way to describe it. The lyrical dialogue and jittery tempo may have worked under different circumstances, unfortunately In the Forest of the Night fell on the wrong sideContinue reading “‘Hollow Linguistics’ – Doctor Who 10.2: Smile”

‘Moffat Rebooted’ Doctor Who 10.1: The Pilot

The Doctor and Nardole go undercover as a professor/assistant at Duke’s University in Bristol. While there, the Doctor befriends a girl named Bill Potts. After falling for a fellow student who’s assimilated by a sentient puddle of rocket fuel, Bill finds herself fleeing with the Doctor and Nardole across the Universe in a bid toContinue reading “‘Moffat Rebooted’ Doctor Who 10.1: The Pilot”