‘The Second Coming’ – What Russell T Davies’ Return means for the Future of Doctor Who

As hard as it may be to admit, Doctor Who has been struggling for quite some time now. A lot of people like to point the blame solely at Chris Chibnall when discussing its fall from grace. While Chibnall’s overall failure to write compelling narratives or realise a coherent vision for the series has certainlyContinue reading “‘The Second Coming’ – What Russell T Davies’ Return means for the Future of Doctor Who”

‘Cosmic Counselling’ – Loki 1.1 Glorious Purpose

Reviewing Loki three months after its initial release poses something of a minor problem. This is due to the fact that the overall experience of the series shifts dramatically once you’ve seen all six parts. Watching each episode weekly feels like a jigsaw puzzle gradually falling into place. Having the complete collection of said partsContinue reading “‘Cosmic Counselling’ – Loki 1.1 Glorious Purpose”

‘Guilt of the Brainwashed’ – The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 1.1 New World Order

Creating a television series surrounding Falcon and the Winter soldier was always considered something of an opportunity for Marvel to tackle. Creating a six-hour mini series in which we follow two supporting characters from within the MCU canon provides Kevin Feige and the gang at Marvel with a chance to further flesh out a worldContinue reading “‘Guilt of the Brainwashed’ – The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 1.1 New World Order”

‘Farewell to Reality’ – WandaVision 1.9 The Series Final

WandaVision’s final chapter will undoubtedly split Marvel fans down the middle. There are various decisions throughout the concluding installment that many weren’t expecting. For weeks, we’ve had talk of Luke-Skywalker like cameos, tie-ins to upcoming MCU blockbusters and multiverse-splitting conclusions. Even I myself have indulged in some of these ideas; particularly that final point regardingContinue reading “‘Farewell to Reality’ – WandaVision 1.9 The Series Final”

‘Roadtrip Through Time’ – WandaVision 1.8 Previously On

Last week’s edition to the WandaVision fable ended on another plot-shifting cliffhanger. Varying YouTube videos and thinkpieces had alluded to nosy neighbour Agnes’s potential involvement in Westview’s strangeness on numerous occasions in the weeks running up to Breaking the Fourth Wall. It was a fanheld theory which was pretty much confirmed during the back endContinue reading “‘Roadtrip Through Time’ – WandaVision 1.8 Previously On”

‘Modern Heroes’ – WandaVision 1.7 Breaking the Fourth Wall

Breaking the Fourth Wall’s title references a collection of characteristics found within this episode. On its most elemental of levels, it’s alluding to the mockumentary style perched at the centre of this episode. We’re firmly in Modern Family (2009-2020) territory here. Considering this type of sitcom boomed to staggering heights after the Office (2001-2005 andContinue reading “‘Modern Heroes’ – WandaVision 1.7 Breaking the Fourth Wall”

‘Franchise Next Door’ – WandaVision 1.5 On a Very Special Episode…

As On a Very Special Episode… opens, an air of worry hangs in the air. This week, we find ourselves in yet another sitcom of Wanda’s making, only now we’ve been whisked forward to the 1980s. Large haircuts, synth music, neon leggings and checkered shirts dominate the environment. The sequence sets up another scenario forContinue reading “‘Franchise Next Door’ – WandaVision 1.5 On a Very Special Episode…”

‘Familiar Realities’ – WandaVision 1.4 We Interrupt This Program

Last week saw WandaVision transition from Wanda’s (Elizabeth Olsen) time-warped dream-state to a universe beyond the sitcom sub-reality. We Interrupt this Program is a direct reaction to such a departure, returning us to more familiar territory. We’re firmly back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s standard realm of operation. This is the moment in which theContinue reading “‘Familiar Realities’ – WandaVision 1.4 We Interrupt This Program”

‘Remembrance of Ultron’ – WandaVision 1.3 Now in Color

The first three episodes of WandaVision can be considered something of a trilogy in terms of what they are trying to achieve; each one telling a different component to a particular subsection to this mini-series. This is all about the inception, collapse and final attempt to maintain an illusion. Episode one manufactured a facade, episodeContinue reading “‘Remembrance of Ultron’ – WandaVision 1.3 Now in Color”

‘Not the Bees!’ – WandaVision 1.2 Don’t Touch That Dial

There’s a valid reason for Disney+ to air the first two episodes of WandaVision back-to-back. Both instalments work hand-in-hand to both fabricate and demolish a facade of its own making. Whereas episode one was all about trying to sell the deception of a pseudo-1950s sitcom, episode two is all about the gradual and inevitable demiseContinue reading “‘Not the Bees!’ – WandaVision 1.2 Don’t Touch That Dial”