Anticlimactic Affairs – Justice League

DC had a pretty satisfactory summer this year. No less than twelve months since the abysmal Suicide Squad (2016) hit theatres, director Patty Jenkins gave us the wonderfully realised Wonder Woman (2017). Finally, after several false starts attempting to kick start this extended universe, we received a story packed with engaging character arcs and charmingContinue reading “Anticlimactic Affairs – Justice League”

Wizards in Manhattan – Doctor Strange

The long awaited Doctor Strange (2016) was greeted by an overwhelming $86 million overseas during its opening weekend alone; making this yet another sure fire success for the suits over at Walt Disney Studios.  Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is an egotistical neurosurgeon who also happens to be extraordinarily brilliant at his profession. Strange’sContinue reading “Wizards in Manhattan – Doctor Strange”

From the Ashes of Asgard – Thor: Ragnarok

With the exception to The Incredible Hulk (2008) the Thor movies had often been considered to be something of the MCU’s weaker link. Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 opening chapter was relatively serviceable, largely because its Shakespearean flair played into the source material’s more whimsical side. 2013’s Thor: the Dark World, however, fell flat on its backside.Continue reading “From the Ashes of Asgard – Thor: Ragnarok”

Beautiful Nightmares – Blade Runner 2049

Ridley Scott’s original Blade Runner (1982) got off to a wobbly start during its initial release. Studio interference resulted in a film suffering from a tonally inconsistent ending and some ghastly voice-over exposition. Critically and financially, it suffered. After seven (yes, seven!) revised editions, however, the film gained a cult following. By the time 2007’sContinue reading “Beautiful Nightmares – Blade Runner 2049”

Small Town Boy – Spider-Man: Homecoming

Sony Pictures hasn’t had much luck when it comes to Spidey in recent years. First came Sam Rami’s fall from grace with the painfully disheveled Spider-Man 3. Soon after arrived a retooled-yet-unimaginative origin in the form of The Amazing Spider-Man (2012). After its 2014 sequel failed to prematurely kickstart an Expanded Universe, it seemed as though the storyContinue reading “Small Town Boy – Spider-Man: Homecoming”

‘Digital Fictions’ – Doctor Who 10.6: Extremis

In the Vatican’s secret library of blasphemy lies an ancient book known as The Veritas. Whenever anyone throughout history has read this book, they’ve taken their life immediately. When a new translation leaks online, the human race finds itself in great danger. The Doctor decides to read this text in a bid to uncover theContinue reading “‘Digital Fictions’ – Doctor Who 10.6: Extremis”

Alien: Covenant

It’s possible Alien: Covenant exists because Ridley Scott grew envious toward Neill Blomkamp. Regarding Prometheus (2012), Scott seemed adamant on steering the Weyland Yutani franchise away from Xenomorph carnage. Although designed as a prequel, the film’s absence of LV 426, facehuggers and all other Gigeresque designs confirmed the 79-year-old’s initial decision. After many years ofContinue reading “Alien: Covenant”