‘Welcome to the Revolution’ – Doctor Who 11.1 The Woman who Fell to Earth

The Woman who Fell to Earth is an interesting beast; one I am still attempting to process in my head. Most notably, the shift in pace compared to more recent years is utterly staggering. We talked a lot about the show slowing down during the 2017 run of episodes. If series 10 was a caseContinue reading “‘Welcome to the Revolution’ – Doctor Who 11.1 The Woman who Fell to Earth”

Feeble Heroes – American Animals

Based upon a true story, American Animals follows four discontent college students who plotted and committed a library heist at the Transylvania University, Kentucky in 2004. What makes this event so out of the ordinary is its context. These weren’t your usual cut of criminals (if there’s such a thing). Prior to the event takingContinue reading “Feeble Heroes – American Animals”

The Hawke Rises – Mission: Impossible Fallout

Upon watching Mission: Impossible Fallout (2018), I find myself tangled between two opinions. On the one hand, the movie has left me feeling as if I’ve just experienced a masterclass in action cinema, whereas on the other, I’m a little overwhelmed at its narrative execution.  Overall I enjoyed this film, which is why I feelContinue reading “The Hawke Rises – Mission: Impossible Fallout”

Bringing down DC – Teen Titans Goes to the Movies

Based on the Cartoon Network television series Teen Titans Go! (2013-present), Teen Titans Go To the Movies follows Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven and Starfire as they embark on a quest to get Robin his own movie. I’d love to elaborate, however my previous sentence pretty much sums up the film’s plot in its entirety.Continue reading “Bringing down DC – Teen Titans Goes to the Movies”

Franchise Extinction – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

2015 saw one of Steven Speilberg’s most beloved blockbuster franchises return from the dead in a fashion many didn’t predict. After numerous failed attempts to keep the franchise going, the start of the 21st Century saw the Jurassic Park series take a temporary hiatus while Universal Studios tried to figure out how on earth toContinue reading “Franchise Extinction – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”

Comic Book Criticism – The Incredibles 2

Pixar have a accumulated a relatively solid back catalogue over the years. Nevertheless, they’ve had their setbacks; not to mention a couple iffy sequels which aren’t exactly what one may call belters. Whereas features such as Toy Story 2 (1999) were fabulous, follow ups such as Cars 2 (2011) were about as fun as sniffingContinue reading “Comic Book Criticism – The Incredibles 2”

An unlikely Protagonist – Avengers: Infinity War

After ten years and 19 films, the Marvel Cinematic Universe in its current form finally approaches its end point. That’s not to say it’s finishing for good of course. No one’s going to shut shop if the money’s coming in. Much like that other Disney property, Star Wars, we’ll be getting these films from nowContinue reading “An unlikely Protagonist – Avengers: Infinity War”

‘Generational Conflicts’ – Doctor Who 10.13: Twice Upon a Time

As exciting as all that first Doctor hullabaloo sounded upon its initial announcement, there was indeed an aura of apprehension in the air prior to Twice Upon a Time’s release. Firstly, there was the larger context of the Capaldi era to consider. Whereas the twelfth Doctor’s run has been far from awful, it’s occasionally sufferedContinue reading “‘Generational Conflicts’ – Doctor Who 10.13: Twice Upon a Time”