‘Business as Usual’ – WandaVision 1.1 Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience

Marvel Studios’ Disney+ debut set a high bar for itself to top right from the get go. After 23 films meticulously establishing a tone seldom deviated from, opting to create a show willing to break entirely from its status quo was never going to be a straightforward task. How do you take two characters –Continue reading “‘Business as Usual’ – WandaVision 1.1 Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience”

‘Diaries of the Wild and Free’ – Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn

Sitting down to watch Birds of Prey is an interesting experience. It’s like obtaining the ability to peak into an alternative realm; as though you’re watching a piece of work broadcast from a parallel reality where Suicide Squad (2016) received numerous more rewrites before reaching the production phase. Be it the style, tone, story, orContinue reading “‘Diaries of the Wild and Free’ – Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn”

Body Swap Terrors – Wonder Woman 84

Set 66 years after its predecessor, Wonder Woman 84 sees Diana Prince (Gal Gaddot) living a secluded life as a senior anthropologist in 1980s Washington DC. The film begins when Diana befriends an insecure woman named Barbara Ann Minerva (Kirstin Wiig), who has been asked to identify a collection of artifacts acquired from a robbery.Continue reading “Body Swap Terrors – Wonder Woman 84”

‘Battle of the Pots’ – Doctor Who 12.11: Revolution of the Daleks

Despite some of my reservations regarding the more recent episodes of Doctor Who, I found myself looking forward to 2021’s new year’s special, Revolution of the Daleks. After all, it was the first Doctor Who story we’d had in over 10 months. After such a horrible year, it was nice to be able to returnContinue reading “‘Battle of the Pots’ – Doctor Who 12.11: Revolution of the Daleks”

Trapped in Nolan’s Maze – Tenet

What’s most endearing about Christopher Nolan’s work is his ability to deliver complex concepts to his audience without dumbing them down or compromising the overall quality of the story hes trying to tell. Whether it’s the ideas driving the central plot forward, the narrative flow, or the visual/audible execution of his projects; he’s never beenContinue reading “Trapped in Nolan’s Maze – Tenet”

Gamer’s Paradise – Sonic the Movie

When Paramount Pictures dropped the first trailer for Sonic the movie, all hell broke loose. People going bananas after seeing something they don’t like is a common occurrence. Twitter likes to throw a paddy when so much as a logo font doesn’t match something they cherished from their childhoods. Nevertheless the fallout from this particularContinue reading “Gamer’s Paradise – Sonic the Movie”

‘An Unprepared Vision’ – Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker is a film that’s, if you’ll pardon the pun, at war with itself. It has next to no central identity defining its existence. Instead, what we have is a desperate attempt to try and bridge the fan division agitated by the Release of Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (2017). It’sContinue reading “‘An Unprepared Vision’ – Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker”

‘An Intimate and Chaotic Farewell’ – Avengers: End Game

12-months ago, the MCU imploded. Years of world-building and character fashioning were quite literally reduced to dust. The vast, intricate interconnect strand of stories crumbled and fizzled into nothingness, transitioning this decade-long fable into a streamlined entitiy with very little plot threads clinging to its body. Peter Parker (Tom Holland), Star Lord (Chris Pratt), KingContinue reading “‘An Intimate and Chaotic Farewell’ – Avengers: End Game”

‘Something New, Something Bold’ – Doctor Who 11.3: Rosa

I’m not normally a fan of Doctor Who episodes set in the past. Not because I find history boring, I just often don’t think they’re done very well. The show’s had a bit of a habit romanticising past eras to the point in which they become a tad superficial and distorted. I get that DoctorContinue reading “‘Something New, Something Bold’ – Doctor Who 11.3: Rosa”

‘Fictional Vistas’ – Doctor Who 11.2 The Ghost Monument

The first thing to mention about this episode is how utterly bloody gorgeous it looks. Opting to shoot this one in South Africa was a fab decision, not just for the sheer aesthetic polish it provides to the story, but because of how much bigger it makes the show feel. We’re definitely not in CardiffContinue reading “‘Fictional Vistas’ – Doctor Who 11.2 The Ghost Monument”