‘Intergalactic Westeros’ – Dune

Frank Herbert’s fantastical space fable has often been considered to be a source material unfit for a cinematic adaptation. David Lynch took a bash at it back in 1984, unfortunately, the final product  buckled under the weight of its hefty content matter. Dune is a vast, sprawling text, one brimming with intergalactic politics and cosmicContinue reading “‘Intergalactic Westeros’ – Dune”

‘Spooky Cocktails’ – Doctor Who Flux Chapter One: The Halloween Apocalypse

It’s clear that show runner Chris Chibnall is gunning to make his final full series on the show his most ambitious yet. Doctor Who Flux’s opening chapter, the Halloween Apocalypse, begins with the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) and Yasmin Khan (Mandip Gill) dangling above an ocean of acid that’s set to boil them alive the momentContinue reading “‘Spooky Cocktails’ – Doctor Who Flux Chapter One: The Halloween Apocalypse”

‘Trimming the Fat’ – Venom: Let there be Carnage

Venom: Let there be Carnage (2021) is the sort of film I’d often find myself avoiding. Not because I’m some sort of film snob who only dines out on the finest of cinematic gourmets. My taste in film often veers toward the more clichéd and bombastic blockbusters, even at the best of times. No, myContinue reading “‘Trimming the Fat’ – Venom: Let there be Carnage”

‘Murder She Wrote, in Space’ – Loki 1.2 The Variant

The second chapter in Loki’s debut series takes a slightly different shape from its predecessor. Whereas Glorious Purpose was more interested in attempting to define Loki’s (Tom Hiddleston) internal logic and purpose within the MCU, The Variant functions more as an intergalactic detective story. During the final moments of episode one, Loki learned of anotherContinue reading “‘Murder She Wrote, in Space’ – Loki 1.2 The Variant”

‘Flowers for Safin’ – No Time to Die

At times, it felt as though the curtain call for Daniel Craig’s Bond would never come to pass. Once Craig’s hesitance about playing the role for a fifth time running was finally resolved between the actor and Sony Studios, Covid-19 came along and placed the finished product on ice for another 17 months. Fortunately, afterContinue reading “‘Flowers for Safin’ – No Time to Die”

‘This’ll be the Day that I Die’ – Black Widow

Black Widow is a reasonably well-made movie that juggles a handful of weighty issues in a way that doesn’t feel condescending or heavy-handed. It’s also a standalone feature for a character that should have had her own movie a long time ago . Set mostly in 2016, prior to the events of Avengers: Infinity WarContinue reading “‘This’ll be the Day that I Die’ – Black Widow”

‘Shattering Age Old Obstacles’ – What If… Captain Carter Were The First Avenger?

What a fine time for Marvel fans to be alive. Not only are Disney firing out mountains of superhero movies year-after-year, they’re now scattering tie-in television shows all across the pop culture landscape. While the unfortunate naysayers will probably be pulling their teeth out by this stage, fans are being spoiled to the heavens andContinue reading “‘Shattering Age Old Obstacles’ – What If… Captain Carter Were The First Avenger?”

‘The Birth of a Perished Vision’ – Zack Snyder’s Justice League

What a wild and unpredictable time we live in. No two days are the same. Never for one minute consider classifying anything as “normal”. Such a term doesn’t even really exist anymore. Modern society is fluid, ever changing and untethered by the rules of yesterday. We live in an age of uncertainty, one in whichContinue reading “‘The Birth of a Perished Vision’ – Zack Snyder’s Justice League”

‘Sympathy for the Devil’ – The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad (2021) is pretty much what you’d expect a Suicide Squad movie directed by James Gunn to be like. What I mean is, it’s fairly ruddy decent. A brass-necked, uncensored, somewhat sentimental and occasionally contemplative tale about a villainous batch of twisted misfits unwillingly taking on the role of superhero for the day.Continue reading “‘Sympathy for the Devil’ – The Suicide Squad”

‘The Second Coming’ – What Russell T Davies’ Return means for the Future of Doctor Who

As hard as it may be to admit, Doctor Who has been struggling for quite some time now. A lot of people like to point the blame solely at Chris Chibnall when discussing its fall from grace. While Chibnall’s overall failure to write compelling narratives or realise a coherent vision for the series has certainlyContinue reading “‘The Second Coming’ – What Russell T Davies’ Return means for the Future of Doctor Who”