“Tea Break in Oblivion”

A swish of steam whistles from the kettle’s nifty little snout. Its melodic hiss echoes through the confined, clinical staffroom it finds itself in. A bite-sized inferno of frenzied energy, fleeing its chamber, sending slithers of condensation crawling up the cold vinyl and lifeless tiling. I pour the simmering water into four cups. Aromas ofContinue reading ““Tea Break in Oblivion””

“Mayflies in Nirvana”

“Becky Blaine?” She trembles as she speaks, barely audible over the drunken yells and thunderous music. The party is chaotic. It always is, every night I visit it. Not to worry, we’ll get away from here soon enough. I can see her nerves tangle and twist in the depths of her tummy. Her mind fightingContinue reading ““Mayflies in Nirvana””

‘Titanic with Guns’ – Avatar: The Way of Water

Building Upon Yesteryear Avatar: The Way of Water could be considered the definition of cinematic spectacle. The sort of film that makes your jaw inadvertently cascade toward the earth in awe. Scene upon scene oozes with intensity and allure. In similar fashion to Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Titanic and Avatar, director James Cameron has onceContinue reading “‘Titanic with Guns’ – Avatar: The Way of Water”

Avatar: The Way of Water’s CGI Develops Self-Awareness

*The following article had been produced for parody purposes only. All descriptions and quotations below are a work of fiction. Any truth contained in this text is purely coincidental and is not intended to be construed as fact. When it comes to developing cutting edge technology, James Cameron is no stranger. Be as that may,Continue reading “Avatar: The Way of Water’s CGI Develops Self-Awareness”

‘Tales of a Hidden Hero’ – Obi-Wan Kenobi Part I

Second Chances At the time of their release, the Star Wars prequels were dragged through the mud by critics and audiences alike. Reasons behind such disdain are far from unjustifiable. Lucas’ return to the franchise at the end of the 20th century was a creative mishap for a multitude of reasons; all of which areContinue reading “‘Tales of a Hidden Hero’ – Obi-Wan Kenobi Part I”

‘Halperbetti Spaghetti’ – Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

A Kaleidoscope of Realities Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) feels like the forerunner to a film that’s already been released. The Covid 19 pandemic forced studios across the globe to rethink their production plans for the foreseeable future. Marvel Studios was no exception to this rule, forcing a majority of its productionsContinue reading “‘Halperbetti Spaghetti’ – Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”

Oblivious Talks Episode 3 – Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils

On this week’s Oblivious Talks, Amber offers up her thoughts on the latest Doctor Who episode, The Legend of the Sea Devils. Also, to those who may be wondering, Amber is aware that Jodie Whittaker is the 13th Doctor, NOT the 11th Doctor. We’ll all just pretend that her Billy Fluff at the 3 minute,Continue reading “Oblivious Talks Episode 3 – Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils”

‘Tales of the Impossible’ – Doctor Who The Ninth Doctor Adventures 1.1: Ravagers

Ghosts of a Forgotten Era We’re soon to enter the second Russell T Davies era of Doctor Who. His return in November 2023 marks his second attempt at defining the cultural juggernaut that’s dominated British popular culture for almost six decades. Except technically, Davies already had two eras. Though we may often consider series oneContinue reading “‘Tales of the Impossible’ – Doctor Who The Ninth Doctor Adventures 1.1: Ravagers”

‘Are we There Yet?’ – Doctor Who 13.8: Legend of the Sea Devils

Into the Void On the surface, show runner Chris Chibnall’s penultimate episode dons the ingredients of a rip-roaring special. We’ve got a real life pirate queen from the actual history books, pimped up pirate ships that glide through the skies, a plentiful helping of swash buckling sword fights, a sea beast bigger than the grandestContinue reading “‘Are we There Yet?’ – Doctor Who 13.8: Legend of the Sea Devils”

‘Grant Vs. Spector’ – Moon Knight 1.2: Summon the Suit

The Audacious Scaredy-Cat Following on from his supernatural antics in the National Gallery’s bathroom (not as weird as it sounds), Steven Grant embarks upon a quest to figure out what on earth his alter ego, Marc Spector, has been getting upto with his body out of hours. While The Goal Fish Problem centred around aContinue reading “‘Grant Vs. Spector’ – Moon Knight 1.2: Summon the Suit”