Originally set up in the Summer of 2016, Oblivious Insomniac served a space for its creators to discuss their favourite film, television and video games in the form of written articles.

The Oblivious Team


Oblivious co-creator Amber has spent well over a decade blogging in some form or another. Writing is her main passion in life, which she hopes to one day turn into a full-time career. In addition to her passion for the written word, Amber is also a fan of running, cycling, film, television, drawing, reading and all things Doctor Who related.

Her current role at Oblivious is managing the site, penning articles, and developing the upcoming Oblivious Insomniac YouTube channel which she also plans to present. Juggling all this alongside a full time job makes her one heck of a busy biscuit!


The original founder of Oblivious Insomniac, Keira both designed the initial 2016 version of site and came up with the projects’ name prior to launch. Graphic design, creating her own role playing games, forever being entrepreneurial, anything Marvel and venturing to 1975 gigs when they tour are just a fleeting handful of her many hobbies.

Although Keira has since retired from the Oblivious Insomniac family, she continues to offer unending support and guidance, helping to usher the site into a bold new era.

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